English Literature Overview

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Will you pen the next great American novel? Or write a critically-acclaimed study of Danticat, Dante, or Hemingway? Or become a dedicated professor who inspires the next generation of college students? Mercy College’s Master of Arts (MA) in English Literature program provides a strong foundation for students interested in these and other pursuits. Some of our MA graduates have gone on to PhD programs, have continued into college teaching positions, or have gone on to earn advanced creative writing degrees. Numerous English teachers have earned the MA or graduate content credits through our program for purposes of (re)licensing, promotion, or simply to increase knowledge of their field. Some of our MA students have no such professional goals or needs and simply love literature, and join our program to study and experience with others the tremendous power, mystery, and meaning that moves through and emerges from literature. Our program includes students of practically all ages located throughout the U.S. and across the globe.

Students in the program learn theory and advanced methodologies of literary criticism, while engaging with British, American, and some world literature. Attention is paid both to traditional authors, genres and eras, as well as to literature of diverse cultural and historic traditions. Students will find courses ranging from standards in the field to courses unique to our program and designed by Mercy professors. All courses are taught by Mercy College faculty who are experts in their fields.

The MA degree can be earned fully online through Mercy College’s virtual Blackboard environment. This allows students from across the country and the globe an accessible and convenient way to learn and to earn the MA degree from a fully accredited college.

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